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Mission Statement: Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences provides a small, intimate environment of academic
excellence and enrichment, utilizing community partnerships and traditional and innovative teaching methods.



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Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences
Parental Involvement Representative

The Florida Legislature passed a new law, SB 1546 (7)(d)1, which states:

(d)1. Each charter school’s governing board must appoint a representative to facilitate parental involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns, and resolve disputes. The representative must reside in the school district in which the charter school is located and may be a governing board member, charter school employee, or individual contracted to represent the governing board. If the governing board oversees multiple charter schools in the same school district, the governing board must appoint a separate individual representative for each charter school in the district. The representative’s contact information must be provided annually in writing to parents and posted prominently on the charter school’s website if a website is maintained by the school. The sponsor may not require that governing board members reside in the school district in which the charter school is located if the charter school complies with this paragraph.

Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences representative will be Jamie Bailey.   
Please feel free to contact her at 330-1855 #1456 or email if you have any questions or  concerns.


Helpful Links


An online gradebook that parents and students can access.  Student and Parent names must match our records perfectly; see the directions attached.

If you have difficulty accessing, contact the school and any office employee can assist by cross-checking names.

Sarasota District Schools Gia Rapida de “CrossPointe Parent Portal”
Instrucciones para tener acceso a “CrossPointe”


An online learning component that may include project sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and lessons. 

Students access LEARN using their N number and Pin Number, found in their agenda books.

The teachers have just started using this component; it should be fully functional by Second Quarter.

Sarasota County Schools’ Online Library

This site has many reference materials, books and articles, for students to access at home.

Information Updates

Home Address

Families please keep your contact information and residence address up-to-date with our office at all times. Sarasota County requires families to submit copies of a current utility bill (FPL, H20, cable, telephone), lease statement, or current homestead exemption certificate, in order to update or change the address on record for a student. Addresses are verified for district transportation routes and for school zoning purposes.  Copies can be scanned and emailed to our Registrar, Kim Braun at, faxed 330-1835, sent postal mail, or dropped in person to the front desk. We thank you for keeping this information current, so as not to miss important correspondence!


Email Address

Family and / or Parent / Guardian Email addresses are used for important correspondence such as weekly team news, grades, teacher correspondence, volunteer opportunities, attendance, behavior essays and detentions. Please keep all email addresses up to date with our office. You should be receiving at minimum 1-2 emails or more a week from SSA+S.


The Florida Department of Education now creates annual reports including:

·         Student Composition

·         School Readiness (not applicable to SSAS)

·         Graduation Rates (not applicable to SSAS)

·         Standardized Test Results

·         Teacher and Administrator Statistics & Qualifications

To view these reports, please choose the link below. 

Main Page

SSA+S’s report:

General Information



2013-2014 escuela codigo de vestimenta


Clinic Rules and Procedures

Immunization Flyer

Medical Treatment Authorization Form

Over the Counter Medication Form

Over the Counter Medication (Cream) Form

Immunization Flyer (Spanish)


Sarasota County Bus

Manatee County Bus

Directions to SSA+S

A.M. and P.M. Drop Off and Pick Up

Nueva Ruta de Traffico Mapa

Manatee County Bus Form



Food and Nutrition
Free and Reduced
Online  Application

Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures
Bell Schedule
Sarasota County
Family Handbook

Sarasota County
Non Discrimination Policy

Educator Misconduct Complaint

Dismissal Policy and Procedures



Counselor's Corner

Bullying Policy Handbook


Business Partnership Program

Business Partnership Program



Volunteer Handbook


Awards and Achievements

Historical Overview

Building the Dream

Accountability Report


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